1. We conduct solar photovoltaic feasibility studies .

Lamo Solar has highly competent and experienced solar experts who conduct site assessments for photovoltaic system installation feasibility. The assessments include shade analysis, roof structure integrity and energy requirements.


2. We design detailed solar plants with financial viability.

Lamo’s engineers design solar plants based on the highest standards in the industry. The best software tools are used to design and simulate the expected energy production and ROI’s. The in-depth knowledge in-house allows for the selection of the best technologies for the application in hand.

3. We procure solar plant equipment 

Our relationship with the best manufacturers and distributors allow Lamo Solar to source the best quality products at competitive prices. Our products carry seeded guarantees and warranties from suppliers.


4. We install high standard solar systems.

Lamo has set to distinguish itself by having a qualified and experienced engineer as part of every installation. This ensures that high quality installations are implemented with installation teams that boost a distinguished problem solving skill compared to conversional installation teams of just Electricians.

5. We Monitor and maintain solar plants

Our online and smart device monitoring applications allow us to ensure that our installed systems operate at their most optimum level. Lamo solar’s maintenance programme allows us to conduct preventative measures to allow our systems to work for the expected duration and beyond.


6. We implement solar intelligent system 

Our solutions include generator-solar and load management systems. Lamo solar solutions include innovations that allow for power management. Smart solar solutions by Lamo offer a holistic approach into today’s customer needs and extend to the future; providing a future proof solution. We advocate for self-consumption and intelligent control of electrical appliances like motors, pumps, geysers, etc.